Martin Gohary

Composer // Pianist

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The Ayahuasca Day Trip

by Martin Gohary's Death Wish

Sunday Brunch 003

The Ayahuasca Day Trip // heavily influenced by Miles Davis's seminal album In A Silent Way, the band entered into the studio with one focus: Press record and see what happens. Everything you hear is one take, no overdubs! Make sure you listen with headphones!! LATINO SPACE JAZZ FUSION


Released February 14th, 2017


Martin Gohary // electric keyboards Al Nawrocki // drums Evan MacLeod // electric bass Josh McDonald // trumpet
Bob Zabielski // alto flute Fernando Perez // percussion

Recorded Live at PBS // Westwood, MA 02090 // for only $306.50 ! 
Recording Engineer // Peter Kontrimas
Mixed and Produced // Martin Gohary
Technical Advisors // Matt Hall and Bijan Sharifi
Album art // Hank VonHellion