New York, NY



Music Projects

My approach to music is all encompassing. I don’t think genres, I think sound.

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Martin Gohary’s Death Wish

I started Death Wish as a vehicle to explore free improv. I'd spent the previous 5 years studying jazz and everything that encompassed it and needed a change. Death Wish took its influence from the Herbie Hancock album of the same name and Miles Davis's Bitches Brew. Every gig was complete improv from start to finish, no material repeated live. Death Wish ran from February 4th 2016 to December 31st 2016.



KRANG is an art project based out of Richmond, VA. The set up is simply -- take a genre of music and mash it up with a pop culture item and see what happens. KRANG was born in December 2015

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Martin’s Mix

Martin's Mix was a short-run weekly music series culled straight from my vinyl collection.